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Disclaimer: This method doesn’t encourage Piracy. Try the apps, buy them if you like them, support the developers so they can continue to deliver great applications.

Warning: Illegal app sharing violates the copyright and Apple App Store rules.

The Installous team that hacked the iPhone App store has come with a solution for the Mac App store. They claim that they don’t encourage piracy but they are dissatisfied with a model where a user cannot try before buy.

App Store Faults

  1. You’ll have to Re-purchase many of your apps
  2. No trials, no demos, no beta versions
  3. Heavily restricted, controlled Apps
  4. Not many open source apps: Mac App Store violates the GNU General Public License GPL, most open source applications never make it to app store
This method works on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and OS X 10.7 Lion

How to Crack / Pirate Mac App Store

  1. Log in the new App Store (from your dock) and download Twitter (recommended) or another free app
  2. Create a desktop folder called App Store Crack
  3. Now go to the Applications folder, locate Twitter, right click, Show Package Contents, navigate to Contents folder and copy _CodeSignature, _MASReceipt and CodeResources to the “App Store Crack” folder
  4. Search the App Store for the app you want
  5. Go to a torrent or download site (such as and search for the .dmg (i.e. search Angry Birds dog) and match the version number
  6. Once downloaded double click to verify and the finder window will open
  7. Now drag Angry Birds into the Applications folder. Right click, Show Package Contents, navigate to Contents folder and delete _CodeSignature, _MASReceipt and CodeResources. Now paste in the files you copied from the in step 3.
  8. Congrats, now your Mac App Store is cracked. You can now try Angry birds and other applications from the new Mac App store. Remember to buy if you like the app!

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